About our Staff

Karol Smith, RPSGT

Karol Smith, RPSGT, is the Manager of our Sleep Centers. She has been with Virginia Neurology & Sleep Centers since 2006 and has more than 11 years of experience in Sleep Medicine. She is a member of the AAST, VASM, Pennsylvania Sleep Society and SESW.

Sandy Pollock, Sleep Therapy Manager

Sandy Pollock is the Manager of our Patient CPAP Center.  She has been helping sleep apnea patients for several years with initiating CPAP & BiPAP therapy, mask fitting issues and machine downloads. Machines are downloaded on every patient treated by our practice at each and every visit.  SAndy takes pride in being at the cutting edge of both patient-centered care and innovative technology, as she has built strong relationships with therapy companies to faciliate better patient care. According to her, "every patient deserves unparalleled personalized attention and care".  She trains patients and our other CPAP center staff on proper use of equipment, with the goal of optimal patient benefit.


Virginia Neurology & Sleep Centers has assembled an accomplished team to improve and integrate patient care. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who bring years of experience in helping patients. Our support staff handles all scheduling and administrative concerns for the offices. They are available during normal business hours to help coordinate patient care and provide general information to the public about our services. Our staff is also responsible for current and former patient accounts (including billing, processing of payments, submitting insurance claims and related paperwork).