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Over a year ago, I was diagnosed to have a severe case of sleep apnea by a clinic located at hospital in Hampton, VA. Not knowing what this condition was, I was open to any and all medical remedies. With that being said, I had a hard time with the first C-PAP machine and told the doctor. His answer was to increase the pressure from 23 to 30. After a few weeks of trying this, I just could not tolerate it and told the doctor. His answer was to change to a B-PAP machine with an increase 30-35 pressure. I tried for a few weeks, but for various reasons, I gave up on it because the pressure was too much for me. My experience with that doctor was that even though he was professional, I never really felt like he cared for me as a patient. This led me to just give up on treating my sleep apnea and just living with it.

About a month ago, I volunteered to go to Afghanistan and had to pass a physical. My sleep apnea condition came up again. Even though I am not a big "need a second opinion" kind of patient, I did ask for one in this case. This is what lead me to Dr. I. A. Barot of the Virginia Neurology & Sleep Center at Suffolk, VA. From the beginning, I felt like he actually cared about me as patient. His demeanor to me was "head and shoulders" above the feeling I got from the previous doctor. When I explained my past experiences, how I gave up and that I considered surgery, he listened attentively to my concerns and needs. After I was done, his first suggestion was a simple nasal spray to open my nasal cavities before I try a sleep study test. After completing this simple step and the sleep study, I was able to achieve deep sleep with a low pressure of only 9-10 and only a nasal pillow mask versus the full face mask I was using. I had no problems at all at this pressure and this type of mask. Now, I am looking forward to trying this new mask, at the lower pressure for my daily routine. I am hoping this leads to ending my daily fatigue and dry throat ever morning.

In conclusion, I want to thank Dr I. A. Barot and his outstanding staff at the Virginia Neurology & Sleep Center of Suffolk, VA. They made me feel like "not just a number" and like my concerns matter to them.

William Z.

The relief I am getting is real and these words heartfelt. I have suffered from sleep apnea for at least 25 years. My previous providers offered surgical alternatives for relief but never took the issue seriously. Only after my long-term hypertension worsened did I consult Virginia Neurology and Sleep Centers, where Dr. I. A. “Dimi” Barot prescribed CPAP therapy. I never would have believed I could obtain such relief in such a short time. After only one month of CPAP, I am sleeping straight through the night and waking up with more energy. And…I have already begun to see major improvement in my blood pressure.

The improvement in hypertension is real; I have been logging my blood pressure at least daily since the November diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy.

Gary T.

For years I have suffered through nightly interrupted sleep, gasping for air and waking up feeling tired. Not having a good night’s sleep does negatively affect a person’s overall health. My spouse was also not sleeping well due to my excessive snoring and sporadic sleep.

Dr. Ikshvanku A. Barot and staff of Virginia Neurology and Sleep Center have been wonderful and professional throughout my diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

I am a sixty year old male, recently diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. The sleep study tests consisted of monitoring my sleep pattern for two consecutive nights. The first night was done without a breathing device; the second night was performed with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device.

One of my initial concerns was having air blasted up my nose. Dr. I. A. Barot’s recommendation was to have a lower air pressure ramping feature. This assisted me to be more relaxed during the first fifteen minutes of CPAP operation. The pressure ramping feature was only temporary and is no longer needed. Dr. I. A. Barot took the time to listen to my concerns and was very knowledgeable in dealing with sleep disorders as well as selecting a CPAP device. This device was both accommodating and beneficial to me.

This is a life-changing breakthrough for me. I wish I had tested for sleep apnea sooner. Using the CPAP for only two months has assisted in significantly lowering my hemoglobin A1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure readings. I continue to take my CPAP with me at all times. I honestly look forward to using my CPAP, sleeping great every night, and feeling refreshed in the morning. My spouse of forty years states that I am more alert and focused.

I personally would like to thank Dr. I.A. Barot and Tyler Pender (CPAP manager) for their genuine concern, expertise, and dedication. It feels wonderful to be able to experience a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Many thanks to all and to all a Goodnight (sleep)!

Butch C.

I am one of your patients and recently my C-pap malfunctioned and did not work. I was just returning from a business trip and headed out on a family vacation. I was in need of an immediate replacement machine. Your employee Tyler was outstanding!! He went the extra mile and made sure I was helped. He even co-ordinated everything with Optigen. I can't thank him enough. Thank you for the great care and for having a great team.

Michael D.

Since being treated for my sleep apnea at Virginia Neurology & Sleep Center by the wonderful staff, nurses, and by Dr. Barot I have had a life changing experience. Dr. Barot went above and beyond in treating me. He was professional, thorough but most of all caring and compassionate. All my questions were answered and my treatment was dealt with with the utmost care and respect. Dr. Barot could not have been nicer. His warm friendly staff treat you like family and his nurses and support staff are all the kind of folks that you look forward to seeing at every visit. I could not recommend a better doctor. Thanks to Dr. Barot I am feeling great and sleep better than I have in years

Charlie W.
Norfolk, VA

Dr. N.A. Barot has been treating me for Sleep Apnea for over a year. Dr. Barot is a physician who cares about his patients. He always answers your questions and if there is something new that might improve your condition, such as a different type of mask, he will let you know about it. Prior to becoming a patient of his, I went to a Sleep Disorders Clinic for over ten years. I was nothing more to them than a number. During the time I have been a patient of Dr. Barot my sleep apnea has improved due to his care and knowledge.

The world needs more doctors like Dr. Barot; he is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I give him my highest recommendation. He makes sure that you get the care you deserve. We need more doctors like him.

Barry S.
Chesapeake, VA

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