T. Corley

I just want to thank Dr. AJ Barot for all he did for me. I was misdiagnosed with narcolepsy by another provider (pulmonologist) after two consecutive sleep studies that showed significant snoring and treated with Xyrem. The provider and sleep labs I went to previously did not take into account the medications I was taking that were known to effect sleep studies and did not account for other types of sleep disordered breathing events. I remember the first visit I had with Dr. Barot and he told me it was HIGHLY unlikely I had narcolepsy and he ordered the proper workup. I was properly diagnosed with sleep apnea and started on CPAP treatment. The CPAP treatment made the migraines I was having disappear and I have not had one in YEARS. At one time I was taking so many medications for migraines, mental health, and sleep disorders that it was almost like I had a pharmacy in my house. I believe Dr. Barot saved my life because if I would have continued on Xyrem I probably would have stopped breathing in my sleep or had significant organ issues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. AJ Barot!